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Visilift Round Elevator

Adding a Visilift Elevator to your home is easy. A standard 2 floor elevator installs in 3 days, and no contractor is required. All the homeowner needs is electricity and a phone line; the Visilift installation team does the rest.

Visilift elevators are modular in their design. Modules for each floor include the hoistway wall structure, self-contained quarter panels of acrylic-glass, and all needed safety components. The top-most floor also contains an assembly with mounted motor, gearbox, computerized controller and safety circuits. The lowest floor adds either a small ramp, or an adaptor kit for the recessed floor. Insert extra middle floors to meet your needs.

The Visilift elevator adapts to your home during installation. Each module is adjusted by the installer for differing floor-to-floor heights. Visilift does not penetrate the ceiling of the top floor, and it does not require a separate machine room. Visilift elevators can be installed in the middle floors of a multi-floor building without disturbing either structure below or above the floors served.

Visilift Round Elevator

Visilift’s modular design requires a minimum space and minimum modification of your home. The octagonal model installs within a 58 inch (1475mm) bounding square, and the round model requires a 62 inch (1575mm) diameter area. Both need additional clearance for the hoistway doors and additional access to clean the acrylic-glass walls. The lowest level can either mount directly on top of the floor using a small included ramp, or can install without the ramp requiring a 4 inch (100mm) floor recession. The location requires vertical space that passes either through a hole in the floor (cut and strengthened by the Visilift installer), or the elevator shaft can attach to the side of an interior balcony.

Ease of installation makes Visilift elevators a compelling choice for remodeling projects. What other elevator remodel can typically be completed as a turn-key operation in just 3 days? Contact Visilift today to find an installer in your area.

Some regions require special permits, licenses and inspections which may extend normal installation times. Visilift can help you understand the regulations that impact you. The maximum number of floors and travel distance may be limited by law. If your home needs more than five floors or more than 50 feet (15M), contact Visilift to check local code. Visilift recommends you have a local engineer review your elevator remodeling plans to ensure that your lowest floor has the strength to support the elevator and to confirm that inserting standard joist blocking provides sufficient strength for recessions or holes through your floor. Unusual engineering requirements may increase the time needed for installation. Visilift can help you find a local engineer.

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