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Visilift Round Elevator

Visilift acrylic home elevators rely on cutting edge manufacturing processes to provide an innovative residential elevator with smooth ride and unprecedented reliability. Our elevators integrate into beautiful households both seamlessly and tastefully. Our products use solid state electronics and variable frequency technology to produce a ride which is both comfortable and quick. Because of our controller technology, most installations do not require a separate machine room.

Our winding drum system utilizes an integrated gearmotor and two aircraft cables to safely and quietly move up to 839 pounds at a comfortable 30 feet per minute. Visilift elevator’s ultra-quiet operation, measures 65 dB in the cab and 58 dB outside most landings. For comparison, a sewing machine is about 60 dB and a dishwasher is about 70 dB. Visilift elevators are exceptionally quiet if compared to the noise of a pneumatic tube elevator.

Visilift’s drivetrain design has been specifically engineered to require minimal service. With routine equipment inspections, maintenance is required every 5,000 operational hours. Under normal usage, that equates to about every 10 years!

Visilift products have been designed using existing technology, which has been readily available for many years, in unique and exciting ways. We view this in the same context as say, the wheel. While in existence for thousands of years, the continuing evolution of the same technology allows its use in many different applications. Visilift technologies have been rigorously tested and thoroughly examined to provide a product which is beautiful, practical and highly reliable.

Visilift’s modern elevator design and functionality provides ease of use for people of all ages (including wheelchair access) while easily integrating into all architectural styles.

The video below outlines how our technology works.

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From the beginning, Visilift's sales associates will guide you every step of the way. With years of experience, no project is too complicated or difficult. We will be there to ensure a perfect project every time.

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