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Sketch of Visilift Round and Octagonal

Visilift provides an elevator shape to accent your home's individual style. With clean lines and minimalist features, Visilift elevators integrate seamlessly.

Visilift integrates into beautiful households both seamlessly and tastefully. Utilizing an integrated full acrylic glass hoistway and completely self-contained design, a Visilift provides a power and precision unrivaled in the marketplace. Visilift elevators come in two styles to match the architecture of your home: the trademark original round elevator with sweeping curved cylindrical acrylic glass, or more recently the sleek octagonal acrylic glass elevator with unique folded corner design.

With a footprint of only 48 inches, the Visilift® Octagonal is a distinctive architectural alternative to the circular elevator. Both the Visilift® Round and the Visilift® Octagonal acrylic glass elevators offer flexible configurations to meet many diverse needs. They are perfect retrofit elevators because each package installation includes the complete integrated elevator mechanism with acrylic glass walled car, integrated hoistway shaft and the option for no-pit installation. Visilift elevators can install up to five floors and 50 feet of travel. Each Visilift elevator can install through a hole in the floor or attach to the edge of a balcony. They do not require a machine room for the controller but can optionally be configured to include a machine room. For new construction, a Visilift is frequently the centerpiece of home designs. Many architects place the circular elevator within a spiral staircase, or wrap square stairs around the octagonal elevator.

So take a look at the new Visilift® Octagonal Elevator and Visilift® Round Elevator, call your local representative to schedule a test ride, and experience an elevator that feels like a custom home elevator without the cost.

The chart below outlines the primary differences between the Visilift® Round and the Visilift® Octagonal.

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Seeing the vision is half the battle. Click below to look at beautiful installations in many different styles of homes. The perception and beauty of a custom elevator at a fraction of the cost.

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