Stay In Your Home Longer

Simple Modifications Can Make A World of Difference

Caroline and Jack

Many times the decision to move is a difficult one. This decision can be much more difficult as you age and must contemplate moving from your home to an assisted living facility or long term care facility. Whether the move is for you, a spouse or a loved one, staying in your home longer may be less expensive than you think.

Some decisions are simple, easy and readily available such as installing grab bars in bathrooms, changing door knobs to handles to ease opening and closing and arranging furniture to aid in maneuverability. Other decisions may be more complicated and it is possible that there are some you may not have thought of.

One of the primary reasons people move from their house as they age is difficulty going up and down stairs. Sometimes, the burden to get from the bedroom to the kitchen can simply be too much. Adding an elevator to your home can eliminate this problem and allow you to stay in your home longer. What was once a very complicated, difficult and expensive process has been greatly simplified, and the cost reduced dramatically.

Caroline, of Canby, Oregon decided to install an elevator in her home for her and her husband. Caroline and Jack purchased a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood in 2005. Shortly after their home closed, Jack suffered a stroke and became very limited in his ability to care for himself. Walking, talking and other tasks became more difficult for Jack much less getting from the bedroom upstairs to the kitchen and living room downstairs. Jack’s limited mobility left him crawling up and down the stairs daily.

Not wanting to move her husband into an assisted-living facility, Caroline explored other options so she and Jack could stay together longer. Eventually Caroline explored the option of installing a home elevator. Given the constraints of her home’s floor plan, a traditional home elevator was looking too expensive to install. The construction of the elevator shaft, engineering, tradesmen, noise and other factors were dissuading. Then she found out about Visilift.

Caroline purchased a Visilift elevator for her home and was able to have it installed into available space by her staircase. The elevator would provide her and Jack the ability to get up and down stairs easily. Jack could comfortably ride the elevator with his walker, no longer required to crawl up and down the stairs to spend time with his children and grandchildren.

After Jack’s passing, Caroline’s desire to stay in her home remained. As she ages, the elevator has provided her the flexibility to stay in her home and maintain her routine. Although she still regularly takes the stairs, the elevator gets used to help her bring laundry upstairs and downstairs and on the days where the stairs seem too much, is available to help her.

As time goes on, she knows that the decision to install an elevator will help her stay at home. It will provide the flexibility she needs when she needs it, help her maintain her independence and allow her to enjoy the home she and her husband shared together.

To quote Ms. Caroline, “Now the only way I am going to leave this house is feet first!”


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