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The Visilift® Round is Visilift's revolutionary flagship elevator utilizing an integrated clear acrylic hoistway and completely self-contained design. The Visilift® Round requires no hoistway construction, no pit and no machine room (although a pit and remote controller are optional). Designed to integrate beautifully into existing homes or new construction, the Visilift® Round provides power and design into today‚Äôs most discriminating homes. The winding drum system utilizes two aircraft cables to safely and quietly move up to 839 pounds at a comfortable 30 feet per minute.

The Visilift® Round can be installed in applications from 2-6 stops with a maximum distance of 40 feet. The clear acrylic panels that encompass the Visilift® Round offer an unobstructed view of your home. A recessed ceiling light illuminates the cab. This also makes it easier to adapt into many home styles. There is also an automatic emergency cab lighting system for added safety.

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The Visilift® Round provides ample interior room for wheelchair access coupled with an attractive design making it ideal for expanding mobility and independence inside a residential or commercial structure. Each cable-driven, round elevator system offers a 58-inch diameter and 13.4 square feet of floor space and supports up to 839 pounds. Installation requires less time and expense, as a pit and machine room are not necessary.

Glass elevators add functionality as well as style to the home or business. These elevators are a center point for attention; a conversation piece, a work of art. The clear panel construction prevents these elevators from overwhelming a room. Rather, they complement the space. Riding in these elevators is a treat. The 360 degree view is exciting.


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