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Visilift sells its products through a qualified network of elevator contractors throughout the world. Take a look below to get in touch with a dealer in your area. If your country is not listed don't worry, Visilift is rapidly expanding its reach in international markets and our factory sales team would be happy to discuss your options.

Give us a call at 970.454.1200 or send us a note through our web form and we will gladly answer your questions.

      United States

    In the United States, Visilift products are mainly distributed through Nationwide Lifts. For inquiries within the U.S. please contact the Visilift Factory at 970.454.1200 and they will gladly direct you to the proper dealer in your area. You may also fill out our Web Form and a representative will contact you soon.


    Visilift Elevators are sold factory direct to select markets within Colorado. For product questions or to see if your location qualifies, please call 970.454.1200.

      Cayman Islands

    Sales and distribution of Visilift products in the Cayman Islands and the surrounding Caribbean Islands is performed by Elevators and Lifts Cayman. ELC may be reached at 1.345.916.7443.

      Everywhere Else...

    For distribution to countries not listed, please contact the Visilift Factory directly at 970.454.1200, through our Web Form, or through email at info@visiliftelevators.com.

What is a Glass Elevator Made Of?

Durable, Lightweight and Strong

It may be hard to believe, but glass elevators aren't really made of glass. They may look like cylinder tubes of crystal and fragile to the touch, but they are actually quite strong and durable! In fact the panels are made of clear acrylic. The term glass is used for quick recognition of the type of elevator.

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